The Magson Method
The Magson Method for learning the piano as an adult
The Magson Method

Learn the piano as an adult through the Magson Method. Play the music you want to play from the start. You build the skills, as you need them. I have developed my method from many years’ experience enjoying, playing and teaching music. It reduces the learning time and is fun and enjoyable.

My clients who have played the piano before say my method is a new way of learning the piano that is interesting for adults and fun. It is different to how they learnt as a child, which was most often through children’s pieces, scales and exercises. As adults, people often want to learn to play particular styles of music like jazz, blues, popular or certain classical pieces or composers. Adult learners want to know how music works and they like to be self-directed, with control over what and how they learn. I have found that my adult learners are fairly goal-directed and like hands-on practical experience that gives them a sense of achievement.

The Magson Method doesn’t require years of learning the piano before you can play the music you want to play. You may like a particular style of music, or certain composers or pieces. Think about what specifically it is that appeals to you in the music you like. There is always a piece of music for the level you are at. My clients who are new to the piano, say they are amazed at what they can play right from the start.

It’s never too late to learn the piano or to experience playing the piano again in a new way as an adult. Try the Magson Method.

I look forward to working together to add some more music to your life.
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