Played before?
Is this you?
Played before?

What’s prompting you to want to play again? Why now? Do you think it’s going to take a lot of practice, or that you won’t remember anything? What else may put you off? You’ll be surprised that the muscle memory is still be there and your keyboard sense returns as you play again. 

My approach doesn’t require a lot of practice. Rather than spend time practising, you will want to play again and you’ll have fun re-learning in a new way. Do you want to play different styles of music to those you learnt previously? Do you want to play the same pieces you used to play again? Anything is possible as you set the content and I’ll look after the process.

Firstly, do you still have a piano or keyboard and does it need tuning? Do you still have any sheet music you used to play? Secondly, what do you want to be able to play and what are your goals? Thirdly, we’ll decide on which pieces are best to begin with and I’ll make some suggestions.

I can show you the structures within the music to simplify the learning process, which makes it much quicker than any rote learning. Often I may notate an easier piece of sheet music to read if that provides an easier way into the music you want to play.

My job is to help you play the music you want to play in a fun and enjoyable way. We will choose pieces that suit your ability level and provide the right level of challenge for you. I scaffold and structure the learning to suit your needs and learning style.

I look forward to working together to add some more music to your life.

Please contact me to find out more about learning or returning to the piano as an adult.

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