Learn piano online
Does it suit you better to learn piano online?

Learn piano online

What is your motivation for wanting to learn piano online? What makes this a good time for you to start learning? What would you like to play?

I offer piano lessons by Skype or FaceTime, with some supplementary YouTube videos when needed. You’ll be playing the pieces you want to play from the start. We’ll select which pieces to begin with from your suggestions, with some input from me too. I find there is always a piece to meet your skill level. In preparation, I’ll send you any sheets we need prior to our session.

You’ll need to set up your technology so that I can see you and your hands. You’ll be able to see my hands, and me so we can run through things together in real time.

Firstly, contact me with a bit of information about yourself. What’s your musical background, if any? Have you played the piano or another instrument previously? Perhaps you learnt to play the recorder or sang in the school choir? Any musical experience you’ve had will be helpful, even if it’s a long time ago. Can you read music? Do you have access to a piano or keyboard? What type of music do you enjoy listening to? Tell me a bit about the music you’re interested in playing. Do you have a favourite playlist, or particular titles of pieces you want to play, or composers you like? Think about what appeals to you most about the music you like.

Secondly, it’s handy to know something about your learning style and how you learn best. If you’ve learnt to play piano before, why did you stop? Identify anything that could get in the way of your learning and we’ll develop some strategies to manage those things.

Thirdly, if you want to learn piano online, it may be helpful to have some face-to-face sessions first if possible before continuing online. Or you may wish to supplement face-to-face sessions with online sessions. You may want to have sessions more frequently at the beginning to kick-start your learning. I am flexible around this, as it needs integrate well with the rest of your life and suit your needs. If you want to learn piano online, we could do this weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or project-based, depending on your schedule, learning needs and budget.

The cost is $90 for an hour’s lesson.

I look forward to working together to add some more music to your life.

Please contact me if you want to learn piano online.