Learning made easy
How do you learn best?

Learning made easy

I’ve developed a strategy to help you learn to play the piano easily. I’ve trialled it successfully with many people. Adults learn in different ways to children, and generally want ‘on time’ learning, which means learning what you want to learn, when you want to.

If you’re new to playing the piano, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can learn to play the music you want to play. If you’ve played before, you’ll be surprised that there is an easier way to learn. A new enjoyment comes from ‘playing for fun’ as opposed to ‘practising the piano’. You’ll want to play when you feel like it and when it fits best into your weekly routine.

The starting point is to clarify your motivation for wanting to learn or return to the piano. What style of music appeals to you? Jazz, blues, popular or classical? Or a mixture of styles?

Next, we choose the best piece of music for you to start with. It generally helps if this is a piece you know or have heard before, or a style of music you enjoy listening to.

After that, my job is to find a unique way into the music for you. I may condense the music into its essential elements so you can discover these easily in the pieces you want to play. I may figure out an arrangement to suit you, or find one that matches your level.

I scaffold the learning so that it is just enough at the right time, and also enough of a challenge for you to take away. The process involves using your strengths and learning style, so that the learning is easy and fun.

No practice is expected, though I do recommend that you play what we’ve covered in our lesson within 48-hours, so that the learning holds. It’s up to you how much you want to play during your week, and how that best works for you. Hopefully, you’ll want to play, rather than feel like you have to practise.

I look forward to working together to add some more music to your life.

Please contact me to find out more about learning or returning to the piano as an adult.