Learn piano in Balmain
Learn on my grand piano

Learn piano in Balmain

What is your motivation for wanting to learn the piano in Balmain? What makes this a good time for you to start/restart? Do you have access to a piano or keyboard? What music would you like to play and what does that music mean to you?

You’ll be playing the pieces you want to play from the start. I have a lovely grand piano that will make you sound and feel like a professional. We’ll choose which pieces to start with from your suggestions, with some help from me too. I find there is always a piece of music that’s ideal for your skill level and interest.

Firstly, contact me so we can discuss a few things to prepare for your learning. What’s your musical background, if any? Any musical experience you’ve had will be helpful, even if it’s a long time ago. Have you played the piano or another instrument previously? Perhaps you learnt to play the recorder or sang in the school choir? You will find that the muscle memory is still there and may just require a bit of teasing out.

Secondly, it’s handy to know something about your learning style and how you learn best as an adult. It’s important to identify anything that could get in the way of your learning and find some strategies to manage that.

Thirdly, sessions don’t need to be weekly, though you may want these more frequently at the beginning to kick-start your learning. I am flexible around this, as it needs integrate well with the rest of your life and suit your needs. To learn piano in Balmain, you may want to come weekly or fortnightly, monthly, or work on a project-basis, depending on your learning needs and budget.

The cost is $90 for an hour’s lesson.

I look forward to helping you to realise your goal to learn piano or return to the piano.

Please contact me to find out more about learning the piano in Balmain.