Benefits of learning a musical instrument

by | May 27, 2021

Your brain lights up like fireworks when playing a musical instrument

What are the benefits of learning a musical instrument?
Some benefits that you’ll notice immediately are a calm and relaxed state when you’re playing an instrument. Because it requires focus to learn a musical instrument, it is easy to switch off any other concerns and enjoy a multi-sensory experience. As you do this, you may notice your mood lift and your thoughts become more positive. This is because playing music engages nearly every area of the brain at once, virtually lighting it up like fireworks
Learning a musical instrument is good for your brain

According to neuroscientific research, playing music lights up nearly every area of the brain. This effect is unique to music.

Research has also found that learning a musical instrument strengthens the brain’s functions and improves problem solving, memory and executive functioning (planning, strategising and attention to detail). You may enjoy this TED talk on how playing an instrument benefits your brain.

If you’re thinking that it’s too late to experience the benefits of learning a musical instrument, it’s worth knowing that research found that people aged 65+ who learnt a musical instrument for four or five months, for an hour a week, showed strong changes in the brain (Lutz Jäncke, a psychologist at the University of Zurich, Switzerland). His research also found that learning a musical instrument could increase an adult’s IQ by 7 points.

Learning a musical instrument can enhance your social life

You may wonder how learning a musical instrument can enhance your social life? It may open up opportunities for connecting with other people, either in a music making activity, or as a talking point about a shared interest. It can improve your confidence in learning a new skill that many people wished they had, or that you might have thought wasn’t possible as an adult.

Learning a musical instrument can bring fun and creativity to your life

As music is a multi-sensory experience, it stimulates your creativity. Playing music combines both hemispheres of the brain—the logical left and the creative right. You may feel more energetic and creative after an experience of playing music. It is totally engaging, using many skills of dexterity and coordination, reading, analysing and getting immediate feedback from your efforts by the sound you make. It can have a positive flow-on effect to other activities.

People say they feel more focused, less stressed and more energised after a music session.

I look forward to working together to add some more brainpower to your life.

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