Linda Magson at her grand piano

About Linda Magson Music

Linda Magson Music is all about working with adults who want to learn to play the piano for the first time, or to return to music after a period of not playing. I offer a unique learning approach for adults that is fun, enjoyable and responsive to your needs and interests.

As I move about my life, people often tell me: “I’ve always wanted to play the piano”, or “I used to play but I don’t play anymore.” These comments are often accompanied with wistful expression, some sadness, curiosity or excitement. What does music mean to you?

Music means different things to different people. My adult piano students get great enjoyment from playing the piano. They say that it helps them tune out the rest of the world and manage everyday life stressors. Some people choose to learn a musical instrument for life balance, fun and creative expression. For me, music transports me to a different place and brings feelings of connection and relaxation.

I was lucky to start learning the piano as a 7 year-old, though I certainly didn’t appreciate that at the time. My enjoyment was as much about riding my bike to my lessons as it was about learning the piano. I never wanted to give it up though, so I continued playing. I studied music at Sydney Conservatorium of Music, graduating with a Teacher’s Diploma, and later with a Masters in Music from the University of NSW.

My music career includes being Head of Music in three schools, university lecturer, and senior music curriculum officer at NESA and TAFE Digital. I’ve taught music to adults and young people for 30 years, including teaching online. I have produced more than 20 music teaching kits exploring all types of music.

Ten years ago I expanded my career, adding life coaching and counselling to my portfolio of things I love to do. Sometimes some coaching skills are useful in helping people to perform confidently, or in tackling any blocks that might get in the way of your learning.

I continue to pursue my love of music and my understanding of different musical styles. It’s exciting working with adults who want to learn to play a musical instrument for the first time, or are returning to music. There is a great sense of achievement at mastering new skills and becoming totally absorbed in the experience of playing a musical instrument.

I look forward to working together to add some more music to your life.
Please contact me to find out more about Linda Magson Music and learning or returning to the piano as an adult.